The Best is yet to Come!

Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination. The best is yet to come! Zig Ziglar


Iron is a mineral found in ever cell in the human body and proper iron intake is necessary to remain happy and healthy. This essential mineral can be… Iron


Although, I have never been married; I have dated a narcissist. Now that I’m out of the situation, I’m slowly rebuilding my confidence and self-esteem. Becky believed in me and provided wonderful advice and resources. One day, I’ll share all. Remember to love yourself always and forever!

It’s Okay to Take Your Time

We live in a generation that romanticises hustle, and moving forward as quickly as possible when it comes to careers and our success within them, but… It’s Okay to Take Your Time

An Ant And An Elephant

An elephant told an ant“You ride on my back all dayEven I want to feel what it’s likeOn someone’s back to lay.” The ant told the elephant“You stomp … An Ant And An Elephant


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