Younger Days

Me at 5 years
Me at 22 in December 2007
Stacy at 31

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Reasons for weight loss…

  • Stress due to a breakup and trying to get a college degree (25 in 2010)
  • Herbalife (26-27)
  • Paleo (28-29)
  • Veganism (30-35)

Same spirit although my physical body has a mind of its own. I’m now 36 and still trying to understand my mind and body. Since change is inevitable, will it be a lifelong quest?

Published by Stacy

I've created the blog to inspire and educate others on my journey living with multiple sclerosis and avenues taken in search of improving my quality of life. Every now and then other subjects are included such as education, finance, economics, and current events. Laughing and dancing fuels me while music and prayers drive me!

3 thoughts on “Younger Days

  1. It is a lifelong quest. I’m learning to be less invested in the outcome and to be more present for the present. Some days are great. Somedays I think I’ll drive myself crazy with overthinking. I often feel like I’m walking an emotional tightrope but simplifying my life, distilling it more and more down to the things I like and want to do, has helped calm my mind perhaps by bringing a greater focus to gratitude and joy.

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