All Lives Matter Until…

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Today is Wednesday, June the 2nd 2021

I title this blog “All Lives Matter Until…”

Here’s my confession
Lord, please forgive me
I was in the privacy of my own room
And all of a sudden
I was bombarded by a mosquito
Oh the joy of living in South Florida
So it came down to me or it
Me or the mosquito
And it was a wrestle
It was no easy task
But I am here to say that
With one hand
I was able to strike it down
So may that mosquito rest in peace
And send messages to all the other mosquitoes
To please leave Stacy alone
And her family

Published by Stacy

I've created the blog to inspire and educate others on my journey living with multiple sclerosis and avenues taken in search of improving my quality of life. Every now and then other subjects are included such as education, finance, economics, and current events. Laughing and dancing fuels me while music and prayers drive me!

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