Heart of Gratitude

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This morning (04/08/2021) all I could do was play music. When I was a junior in high school K-Wang by Khia was a hit then and still is in my eyes. It took me back to a time in my life when I felt unstoppable. Coincidently, during my session today with both my PT and OT, I surprised myself. First, my PT asked me to stand and transition to the walker so that I can walk in the patio. Like always, he placed a wrap-like belt around my waist to make sure that I do not fall due to my issues with balance and coordination. He held the strap as I took strides with the walker until I made it back to the wheelchair to take a seat. Then it was time for another set. It wasn’t until I made it back to the wheelchair he told me that on my second round I completed it without him holding the wrap. Words alone could not express the joy that ran through my body.

Later, I met with my OT and the session with her was easier but still challenging as my right hand has a mind of its own; granted I was born right-handed. She then asked me what I had done differently and all I could think about was dancing to K-Wang.

Standing Progress Chart
Sessions with Therapist
DateStanding Duration
04/06/202140 seconds without assist
03/25/202140 seconds with assist
03/15/20211 second with assist

In essence, music is magical! Much gratitude to everyone who is encouraging me throughout this journey.

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I've created the blog to inspire and educate others on my journey living with multiple sclerosis and avenues taken in search of improving my quality of life. Every now and then other subjects are included such as education, finance, economics, and current events. Laughing and dancing fuels me while music and prayers drive me!

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